dog chews and treats

Made weekly from locally sourced and raised, antibiotic and hormone-free beef and chicken.

All products are slowly dehydrated to seal in flavour and nutrients while maximizing crunchiness! 



Liver is a Complete Protein containing essential Amino Acids

Easy to break into smaller pieces for tiny teeth and even cats!

250g bag of treats - $20.00

150g bag of Liver Dust 

(ideal for a meal topper) - $10.00


A healthy, chewy treat that's 

All Natural and Grain-Free

Provide nutrients like Collagen, Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Nails have been removed

 to ensure your pet's safety!

Made to order

Each - $1.50

14 pieces - $20.00

Beef Lung

Beef Lung is naturally rich in flavour, high protein, low fat source which provides many essential nutrients like B-Vitamins, Iron and amino acids

 Easy to break into smaller pieces for tiny teeth and even cats!

200g bag - $20.00



All Natural and Grain-Free alternative to rawhide

Provides a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Chewy satisfaction that is great for healthy teeth, gums and the digestive tract!


3  - 5"  Long Pieces

Each - $2.50

 14 pieces - $25.00


6"  -  8" Long Pieces

Individual - $4.50

  7 pieces - $25.00


10"  - 12"  Long Pieces

Made to order

  5 pieces - $25.00

*Please note that all products contain natural animal fats and should be left in an open container (or left in original packaging) to ensure freshness and longevity of product. Products are made fresh, weekly and should be consumed within 3 months of purchase. 

Please note that we do not charge taxes on our products. The price you see is the price you pay!

To ensure your loved one will drool over these treats, please enquire about a free sample. 

Free samples are limited to one of each product / per animal, only available for pickup. 

Orders can be placed for shipping to your front door or coordinated for curb-side pick up. 

(Major intersection is Bayview / Major Mackenzie, Richmond Hill)

Shipping Costs within the province of Ontario: For 1-20 packages (of any product), $15.00 Flat rate (no taxes)

Shipping Costs outside of Ontario: Please inquire with your address and postal code

To save on shipping costs, place an order with your friends and family. 

Pay in one transaction, have items shipped to one location and we will separate the orders in different bags so upon opening your parcel you can easily distribute who ordered what! Just let us know the names of who wants what :)


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Fresh, Whole, Natural Ingredients

Meat First - Ancestral Diet

Naturally Preserved

Probiotics & Prerbiotics

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Low Glycemic Index

Rich Sources of Omega 3 & 6

Super Foods

No By Products, Artificial Flavours or Colours