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Train... Walk... Love...

Our Story

Pawsitive Principles In-Home Pet Services was founded with the intention

to provide pet owners with the knowledge and correct training skills to

provide lifelong meaningful connections with their furry friends.

Our Promise

My goal is to provide comfort, safety and fun for your pet while you are on Vacation. Think of it as your pet having a "pet-cation", while you are away, relaxing... worry free.

Our Services

Doing good business should include doing and providing great things for others, which is why Pawsitive Principles provides In-Home Services for; Vacation Sitting, Behaviour Modification / Obedience Training and Task-Training.

Other Services

Pawsitive Principles is familiar with a variety of animals such as; Dogs, Cats, Hamsters/Guinea Pigs/Gerbils, Birds, Ferrets and Turtles. I am also willing to take on other animals not listed here.

Meet Me & My Family

Jennifer & Alex

"A younger version of us"

We have been together for 10 years! Meet the rest of our family below!

Jasper (Service Dog In Training)

3 Year-Old, Chocolate Labrador Retriever

A few of the many commands that Jasper can perform;

  • "Bring me my medicine bag."
  • "Open the fridge and bring me water... close the fridge."
  • "Turn off light number _____," or "Turn off this light."
  • "Open the door." (Pushes doors open or activates accessible doors.)
  • "Push the button," to activate crosswalks at intersections.
  • "Close the Lid" and "Flush the Toilet."
  • "Bring me my shoes or boots"

Basic Obedience Training;

(Responds to Verbal and American Sign Language)

Sit, Stay, Come, Wait, Lay Down, Leave it, etc...

Stella and Charlie

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations

Stella (left) is a 7 year-old American Ringtail.

Charlie, or "Charlita Marguerita" (right) is 10 years old

Both Charlie and Stella can sit on command are extremely respectful when socializing with humans. They ONLY scratch their cat stands and have not damaged any furniture or carpets.

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